Quick House Cleaning

Do you struggle every day to find time to keep your home clean? Are you lucky enough to return home at night and still have enough energy to take the trash out? House cleaning can be very daunting and unfortunately, if you do not keep on your cleaning tasks, the tasks can quickly become overwhelming.

The best way to quickly clean your house is to pick one room that you will concentrate on each day. Make a schedule and stick to it but make sure you are only working on one room each day. The idea in this quick cleaning plan is not to scrub every nook and cranny in the room, but to provide a general cleaning. Leave the spring cleaning to a day when you are able to work on your entire home.

Quick cleaning a room involves four steps and one multi-use cleaning product. Before you begin cleaning though, you must determine the level of cleanliness you believe is acceptable for every day. Are you ok with your rug not being vacuumed? Or do you desire no dust on anything at any time? If you find yourself constantly fixated on the cleanliness of your home but only have time for quick cleaning, you may find it beneficial to actually write down your home cleaning goal and repeat it every day.

To complete a quick cleaning project you will need to accomplish these tasks in the room:

  • Remove all items that do not belong in the room. If you find that you are removing the same items from the room each time you clean, you should consider giving those items a permanent home in the room they keep coming back to.
  • Put away all items that have a home in the room. During your quick cleaning time do not allow yourself to get distracted with trying to reorganize every drawer or cabinet. You should put books on the book shelf but do not spend the rest of the day alphabetizing the books.
  • Wash or dust all flat surfaces. You may use your choice of multi-purpose cleaner or dust clothes depending on the surface and the amount of dirt accumulated.
  • Wash any visible dirt from the walls of the room. If you remove any visible dirt or marks on a consistent basis, spring cleaning will be much easier. Wipe down or vacuum any furniture, if needed. Remember this is quick cleaning so you should not spend all day cleaning your upholstery but if there is visible dirt clean it up.
  • Vacuum any rugs or carpeting. To get the best suction from your vacuum cleaner, make sure the any bags or containers are empty and all air intake valves are clear.
  • Sweep and mop hard flooring surfaces. For a quick clean you may want to consider one of the quick mopping products available. Save the through mopping and polishing for a monthly chore.

Quick cleaning can actually take you very little time to complete. Once you remember to only concentrate on one room in your house every day you will find that the cleaning tasks actually proceed very easy.

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