Office Cleaning Services Bergen County – Commercial Cleaning

If you own a business, then you know how fast things get cluttered and dirty. From dirt being tracked in from outdoors to overflowing garbage bins, and dirty dishes and smudged counter tops, it can create for an unsanitary and unsafe workplace. It may be time to take your business to the next level and hire 2 Hearts Professional Cleaning Service. When you hire us, we will send a professionally trained and vetted cleaning person to clean your offices allowing you and your employees to concentrate on work.

Office Commercial Cleaning Services Bergen County
Hiring 2 Hearts Cleaning Services means that you will receive a cleaning service that will provide a professional cleaning schedule that is not only thorough , but it will include a customized cleaning service that meets your particular needs and budget. Having customized cleaning service will ensure your office maintains not just a clean and sanitized environment, but it will also ensure that you make a good impression with clients, customers and visitors that come to your place of business. Our services include: vacuuming carpets, wiping and sanitizing tables and counter tops, cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen which includes washing the dishes, stream cleaning carpets, washing floors, doorknobs, windows, and tables, cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom, getting rid of any dust and dirt on office furniture, and much more. We will make sure you have a clean and safe working environment.

Our reputable cleaning crew is insured against theft and damage so you can rest assured that your office equipment will not be damaged during cleaning. Imagine how convenient it will be to leave your office at night and come in the next morning to an empty garbage can and a vacuumed rug and office that is sparking clean and smells great. Hiring 2 Hearts Cleaning Service will increase your employees moral and guarantee that your office will be clean and trash free when a client or customer shows up. As well, hiring a professional office cleaner removes the need for dealing with sick pay, vacation pay, and pension contributions. By hiring 2 Hearts Cleaning Service, you will be making an investment in your business.

Our professional cleaning staff is specially trained in all cleaning aspects, and you’ll appreciate our meticulous attention to detail. Let us customize a cleaning service program to suit your individual business needs and budget.