House Cleaning Tips

When your searching for quick and efficient ways to clean your house, the first tip anyone will give you is to clean every day. For a busy professional, cleaning your home every day may not be feasible. Somedays you may return home with barely enough energy to take off your shoes, let alone mop the kitchen floor.

Cleaning your home should be an easy task that does not make you rush home after work in order to check a task off your to-do list. But then again, if you do not work on keeping your home clean every day, you run the risk of having the clutter take over your life. How to manage this delicate balance between cleaning all the time and avoiding cleaning for the sake of more exciting things? It is simple, follow these simple house cleaning tips.

First, make sure everything in your home has a defined location and always put an item away when you are done with it. Books should be in the book shelves, magazines in the magazine location, clothes in the closet. You do not need to define exactly where everything goes but you should have general assigned area for everything and return the items to their homes when you are done. Creating a pile of “things to put away” quickly can become a mountain in the middle of your living room.

Next, clean your kitchen after every meal. You should always clean your dishes and the kitchen after each meal. Do not put off breakfast clean up until after dinner. Keeping your kitchen clean will often make you feel like the rest of your home is clean (even if it is not). By cleaning up after each meal you reduce the actual amount of time you will spend on cleaning.

You have probably heard the old tip about making your bed every morning and putting your shoes away. If you wish to sleep in instead of jumping out of bed earlier in order to make the bed before you leave for work, skip making the bed. Purchase a comforter that is actually a size larger than your bed and cover your bed with the comforter every morning. The excess material will flow over the sides of your bed and cover any mess. Or, don’t think about an unmade bed and close the door to your bedroom. Either way, one of the best tips you can use in the bedroom is give up this idea of the perfectly dressed bed.

Finally, reward yourself with a day off from cleaning every once in a while. Sure, if you keep up with your house cleaning every day the tasks will not be overwhelming but we all need break once in a while. You can treat yourself to a night off of kitchen cleaning by going out to dinner.

Whatever you decide to incorporate into your cleaning regime, try to keep it simple. It is actually better to concentrate on one room of your house every day instead of putting off all cleaning and trying to clean the entire house on a Saturday. There are so many more things we all should be concentrating on a Saturday, house cleaning should not be on your list.

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